Macklemore to donate proceeds from Same Love to marriage equality campaign

Macklemore to donate proceeds from Same Love to marriage equality campaign

Macklemore to donate proceeds from Same Love to marriage equality campaign

The controversy came after conservative commentators hit out at the United States star, who is set to perform his marriage equality anthem Same Love at ANZ Stadium tomorrow night, when Melbourne and North Queensland face off in the NRL grand final.

When asked if Abbott was one of the "angry old white dudes" messaging Macklemore, Turnbull joked that while Abbott was a "white dude", it depended on the moment whether he was "angry".

"I am into free speech. presumably two songs should be played, one for gay marriage and one against gay marriage, " he told The Australian.

On Wednesday, Abbott tweeted a petition from retired NRL player Tony Wall saying, "footy fans shouldn't be subjected to a politicized grand final".

"I was saying on the auto ride over here, I haven't figured it out yet, but I was saying in the vehicle ride over that I want to donate my portion of the proceeds of Same Love that I get off of that record here in Australia, to voting yes", he told Channel 9.

"There have been a few ugly incidents in the debate about legalising same-sex marriage but the vast majority of people - 99.999 per cent - have dealt with this issue respectfully and civilly as Australians do".

'I'm gonna go harder, ' he added.

The petition demands that the NRL "reconsider its political position and remove LBGTIQ politics out of the awesome sport of Rugby League".

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton told local radio 2GB the performance was disrespectful to employees and fans who were against same-sex marriage.

Ballots must be returned by early November, with results due to be released on November 15.

Alex Greenwich, co-chair of Australian Marriage Equality, took to Twitter to praise to thank the rapper.

The coalition of Marriage said it was "bizarre that the NRL would choose to use its half-time entertainment to push a message which it knows millions of Australians disagree with".

"I think people have had up to here with the same-sex marriage issue".

The 2013 "gay anthem" skyrocketed back to No. 1 on the iTunes chart on Thursday night following a storm of controversy that arose over his decision to perform the song at Sunday's NRL grand final.

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