Sony Flags Timed Gran Turismo Sport Demo for 9th October

Sony Flags Timed Gran Turismo Sport Demo for 9th October

Sony Flags Timed Gran Turismo Sport Demo for 9th October

PS Plus members will be able to pre-load the demo starting from October 7th at around 8AM PT. Following a delay, Gran Turismo Sport is pushing toward an October 17 launch, but before then, you'll be able to go hands-on with a demo.

Following a recent leak, Sony has officially announced Gran Turismo Sport demo which will continue for 4 days.

Players' progress from the Gran Turismo Sport demo such as personalized garage vehicles and more will be transferred automatically to the full version should they decide to purchase it. The demo will let us try out the Sport, Campaign, and Arcade (including two-player split-screen) mode, while also taking some lovely pictures in the new Scapes Photography mode, and customise a multitude of things in the Custom Livery Editor.

PlayStation 4 owners eager to get their hands on the next entry in the Gran Turismo series will soon have the opportunity to try out GT Sport. New features such as the innovative Scapes Photography mode and Custom Livery Editor are also available for the very first time. Sport has you participating in qualifying sessions against others to try and get the fastest possible times. Each of these modes play a key role in making every driver better prepared for racing online against others. Campaign Mode has Daily Workouts, challenges, circuit experiences, and missions to complete, awarding people with experience, in-game money, and vehicle unlocks. Finally, Arcade mode is just for jumping in as players will have three different auto classes and circuits to choose from. You can also race against a friend offline in the classic 2-player split screen mode.

To round out the demo experience, the livery editor allows players to add your own personal touch of customization through numerous logo designs.

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