Google announces donut-sized Google Home speaker

Google announces donut-sized Google Home speaker

Google announces donut-sized Google Home speaker

The smart speaker market got a bit more interesting when Google revealed its Amazon Echo rival, Google Home, early previous year.

Max will play personalized playlist and acts as DJ, so you use your voice to play certain artists, raise or lower volume, music genres, or just sing it a diddy from a favorite song and the DJ will attempt to identify the song.

The Home Mini is the flawless rival to the Echo Dot, and if you're firmly in the Google rather than Amazon camp, it's a great device to kick off your smart home, or build on what you have already.

For instance, users can attach separate Google accounts to the Assistant and have Google Home recite different calendar appointments depending on the voice it hears.

The Home Max has Cast built-in, along with Bluetooth and a standard 3.5mm jack. Both can be controlled using the built-in Google Assistant and are compatible with iOS devices. It, like its bigger sibling, comes with touch controls.

The company claims it doesn't matter if the Home Max is placed on a shelf in the corner of a room, where audio can often sound too bass-heavy and muffled. It's the shape of a smooth stone and should look perfectly unobtrusive on your nightstand near the newly announced Google Home Max. It will allow the speaker to use Google's AI to recognize specific people who are using voice commands and tailor responses to each speaker. Furthermore, it can connect with Chromecast audio devices. Buyers will also receive 12 months of ad-free YouTube music with their purchase. The speaker is covered nearly entirely in fabric dyed in chalk (light gray), coral (red), and charcoal (darker gray) colors. The firm's Wednesday hardware event hence managed to surprise many industry watchers, with the tech giant launching a gadget that's meant to be its most premium Google Assistant-enabled offering to date.

Google introduced Google Mini, the newest member of Google family. They come in a pocket-sized charging case, which also charges the earphones. The phones are available for pre-order now starting at $649 Dollars. "You can set the camera down on the coffee table when the kids are goofing around or clip it to a chair to get a shot of your cat playing with its favourite toy", says Google. It costs $249 in the U.S. and will be made available soon.

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