Mattis Changes Rules Of Engagement In Afghanistan, Unleashes Troops On Taliban

Mattis Changes Rules Of Engagement In Afghanistan, Unleashes Troops On Taliban

Mattis Changes Rules Of Engagement In Afghanistan, Unleashes Troops On Taliban

Still, both Dunford and Mattis said they're willing to work with Pakistan "one more time" before taking punitive measures against the country.

Mattis said the troop level breakdown demonstrates Afghan forces remain in charge of the fight and that the US military is "supporting them, not supplanting or substituting our troops for theirs". The change may nearly inevitably result in greater civilian casualties.

US leaders have expressed frustration over Pakistan's seeming unwillingness to prevent terrorists from using their territory to escape pressure in neighboring Afghanistan. More than 2,000 USA troops have been killed and more than 20,000 injured in the war.

Other senators raised a concern that the new Afghanistan strategy won't lead to success. "That is no longer the case - these kind of restrictions that didn't allow us to employ the airpower fully have been removed", Mattis told the Committee.

Mattis was purposefully unclear on how many more US troops would deploy to Afghanistan - and when - saying "more than 3,000" would bolster the 11,000 now on the ground "in the coming months", although senators on the committee said the number would be about 3,500.

According to Mattis, the new strategy by the administration "has been welcomed nearly uniformly by leaders in the South Asia region, as well as by the 39 countries contributing troops to the NATO-led campaign". McCain says the Trump administration has failed to inform Congress of the details of the strategy spelled out by Trump.

"Regionalize" recognizes that challenges exist beyond Afghanistan, Mattis explained.

India is committed to not only continuing but also broadening its developmental efforts in Afghanistan, a top Pentagon official told lawmakers today.

He added that the Afghan forces are becoming bolder in combat because they know US and North Atlantic Treaty Organisation forces are using airpower to strike the Taliban and other militants on "the high ground". Advisors will support or teach at the battalion and brigade level.

"Based on intelligence community analysis and my own evaluation, I am convinced we would absent ourselves from this region at our peril", he said. McCain told the media that he has not yet been briefed on what the 3,000 additional troops would be doing in Afghanistan.

"Reconciliation" is the desired outcome from military operations.

The Donald Trump administration looks ready to give Pakistan one more chance to work with the U.S. and come clean on terrorism. Other issues relating to the agriculture sector including cost of production, productivity, marketability and competiveness of the local agri-products and the challenges faced by the agriculturists came under discussion.

Mattis said there was now a "regenerated sense" the Afghan army can push the Taliban into a position where they can have no hope of winning and has to talk.

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