Dove suffers backlash over 'racist' soap advertisement

Dove suffers backlash over 'racist' soap advertisement

Dove suffers backlash over 'racist' soap advertisement

The BBC reports, anger erupted online over the clip which showed a black woman, presumably in a bathroom, peeling off her T-shirt (or "skin") to reveal a smiling white woman underneath.

Personal care brand Dove said a recent marketing campaign "missed the mark in representing women of color thoughtfully", amid criticism that the advertisements were racially insensitive. "We deeply regret the offense it caused", the company noted.

Dove critics on Twitter said the new ad resembles racial sanitizing ads of the past.

The offending ad was a 3-second GIF hawking Dove body wash that was posted Friday to the brand's Facebook page. "We do not condone any activity or imagery that intentionally insults any audience", the statement read.

Although a spokesperson from Dove they are re-evaluating internal process for creating and reviewing content, people on social media didn't buy their explanation asking how anyone could miss just how offensive the advertisement is.

The racial-suggestive images have caused outrage on social media, with users threatening to boycott the beauty brand.

Responding to a comment on whether the ad would be deemed racist if it was the other way around, Blake added: "Nope, we wouldn't and that's the whole point". According to Dove, all three woman were meant to represent the benefits of using the lotion.

Dove has since apologized for the advertisement and removed it.

Earlier this year, Dove's United Kingdom branch touted a short video depicting variously shaped Dove body wash bottles with the tagline, "Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes".

Dove's Real Women campaign of 2004 was among the earliest to feature women of different skin tones and sizes.

"Missing the mark? I honestly thought this was a hoax, because it is the most ridiculously racist advertising I've seen". "If blacks in America are treated equally, I'll move on to the next group". An opportunity to sell product to women of colour.

Dove's 13-year-old "Real Beauty" campaign aims to celebrate the beauty of all kinds of women.

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