Expect a partly cloudy and warm Sunday

MONDAY: Steady morning rain followed by hit or miss, afternoon showers. It may not be the last one either as highs may again flirt with 80 degrees by next weekend, although we will get a taste of more seasonably cool fall-like temperatures first.

Humid with variable clouds and rain at times, some of which will be heavy and may cause flooding. A lot of that rain will be in northwestern CT.

MONDAY: We'll see pockets of heavy rain and gusty winds early. Almost all areas of Western New York will receive at least 1 inch outside the heaviest band, the Weather Service said.

Nate weakened to a tropical storm, as of 8 a.m., with sustained winds of 45 miles per hour. Saturday and Sunday will have a mix of clouds and sun with highs warming back up into the mid and upper 70s. Highs on Monday will reach into the mid-70s with overnight lows falling into the mid-60s. Tuesday will be mainly dry, other than an isolated, morning shower.

Skies will clear later in the day Tuesday but another round of showers is expected on Wednesday.

No confirmed tornadoes had been reported as of Sunday evening, but National Weather Service meteorologist Andrew Kimball said he expected the tornado threat would continue into the late-night hours Sunday.

"A northeasterly flow around high pressure to our north will begin to deliver cooler, maritime air to southern New England", Haney said.

Tonight we can expect a possibility of more showers, and a low around 63.

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