Google launches Google Home Min and Max

Google launches Google Home Min and Max

Google launches Google Home Min and Max

The Home Max, which comes in chocolate and charcoal colors, is available in the U.S. at launch and will come to more countries in 2018.

Winner: Draw. If you want to add voice control to your Sonos system or a single existing speaker via line-in, the Echo Dot is best. Here's how Google's new gadgets compare to the competition. With that promo code, you'll be able to order a Home Mini for $0 (zero buck) from Google Store.

Both of the new speakers feature Google Assistant, Google's voice-activated personal assistant, for voice control and other functions. As most of these smart speakers will be available to the retailers by November or December, it can not be determined that which one is the best amongst them in terms of sound quality.

With streaming taking a greater emphasis nowadays, the Home Max comes with a 12-month subscription to YouTube Music, an ad-free way of streaming music that's on YouTube. It works with Chromecast to play video from YouTube or Netflix on any TV in your house.

Perhaps the most intriguing new feature is Smart Sound.

The HomePod offers a similar experience for $50 less and arrives in December.

Google has launched a smaller version of its Google Home smart speaker today, as the Home Mini. It has a touchpad for quickly pausing or changing the volume, but it's lacking a headphone jack.

The Google Assistant has received plenty of upgrades which were announced at the Pixel event. So "Hey Google, goodnight!" can turn off your lights, turn down the temperature, and let you know tomorrow's first meeting. Moreover, the hands free calling feature, which was introduced earlier in the U.S. is coming to the United Kingdom later this year. The speaker will be going up for sale in December (the same time as Apple's HomePod) for $399 in the US, and will be heading to other countries early next year.

Google Home Mini or Amazon Echo Dot?

The Home Max was announced at a Google media event in San Francisco on October 4.

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