Las Vegas gunman reportedly researched hotels around Fenway Park

Las Vegas gunman reportedly researched hotels around Fenway Park

Las Vegas gunman reportedly researched hotels around Fenway Park

Two months before carrying out the attack from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel, Paddock booked a pair of rooms across the street from Chicago's Grant Park, where the Lollapalooza music festival was held from August 3 to August 6, TMZ reported.

TMZ reports that Paddock booked two rooms one from Aug. 1 to Aug. 6 and another from Aug. 3 to Aug. 6.

The weekend before the massacre, he rented a room through Airbnb at the 21-story Ogden condominiums in downtown Las Vegas and stayed there during a music festival below that included Chance the Rapper, Lorde and Blink-182.

He never checked in, and a hotel spokesman said they had not confirmed "whether that is the same Stephen Paddock".

Paddock checked into his room at the Mandalay Bay Hotel on September 28, three days before carrying out his deadly attack, Clark County Sheriff Joseph Lombardo said.

Video shot of the pandemonium that erupted when Paddock started strafing the country music festival showed a muzzle flash from his 32nd-floor room at the Mandalay Bay resort, but bullets weren't visible in the night sky.

"We can affirm that a reservation was made under the name Stephen Paddock, however experts have not affirmed this is an indistinguishable individual from the Las Vegas shooter".

The room, which goes for $590 a night, was given to Paddock for free because he was a good customer who wagered tens of thousands of dollars each time he visited the casino, the person said.

Baker adds that police officials based in Boston are "fully plugged in" to the investigation and are in contact with Las Vegas authorities.

Investigators saye he also had a plan to survive the shooting and try to escape, though would not say how.

Wynn said Paddock didn't run up debts or have a gambling problem, and he had "the most vanilla profile one could possibly imagine".

Danley says Paddock found her a cheap ticket to the Philippines and wanted her to take a trip home to see relatives.

His girlfriend, Marilou Danley, told FBI agents Wednesday that she had not noticed any changes in his mental state or indications he could become violent, the federal official said. Representatives said Paddock won about $300.

According to NBC News, IRS records show that Paddock earned at least $5 million in 2015.

Lombardo said he didn't know what the gunman was planning with the explosives, if anything.

"He only played one time", one of the representatives said.

Seven days before the assault, Paddock leased a room sitting above the three-day Life is lovely celebration in downtown Las Vegas.

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