Senator Tim Kaine visits Puerto Rico to survey hurricane damage

Senator Tim Kaine visits Puerto Rico to survey hurricane damage

Senator Tim Kaine visits Puerto Rico to survey hurricane damage

Almost half of the 3.4 million Americans on the island still don't have drinking water since Maria hit almost three weeks ago.

"My fear is Americans are failing fellow Americans and we must work on a bipartisan basis to come together in the Congress, and I believe we can", Blumenthal said.

They could stay for as long as two months, military officials said. Those sites were able to process more than 400,000 calls per day, and the AT&T network overall is supporting more than 9 million calls per day on the island.

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission on Friday gave Google's parent company a green light to provide emergency cellular service in Puerto Rico using air balloons.

The impact of Hurricane Maria on Puerto Rico lingers, and now after a recent visit to the island, five senators have a better idea on how to help.

"We are also working with the National guard to make sure that these items are going to these people that need it first", Cueto said.

Giant floating balloons could help deliver internet and cell service to storm-ravaged Puerto Rico.

"We got really high marks on Florida, Louisiana, Texas and I think did at least as well in Puerto Rico, the problem is that Puerto Rico was in bad shape before the hurricanes ever got there", Trump said.

Blumenthal visited Puerto Rico over the weekend.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency has delivered aid to Puerto Rico, but there have been some logistics issues getting aid out from the main drop off areas.

In the aftermath of the 2005 hurricane - which made landfall in the US three times - a reported 1,833 people died, according to the Washington Post.

The administration has been widely criticized for a slow and then inadequate response since the USA territory was devastated on September 20 by a Category 4 storm that left 95% of the island's residents without electricity and almost half without running water.

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