This is Likely How Frankie Muniz Suffered Nine Concussions

This is Likely How Frankie Muniz Suffered Nine Concussions

This is Likely How Frankie Muniz Suffered Nine Concussions

The Emmy award victor admitted that he can't remember some the most major events in his life - including the full-blown six years he starred in hit show Malcolm In The Middle. However, he didn't say for sure that these events are what led to his inability to remember playing Malcolm on the beloved show.

Muniz said, "I get sad of the thought of losing the memory because I know that I do, so she writes literally in detail, she's a writer, a journal so I can look at any day and it does bring me back. Things pop back into my mind I should have remembered", said Muniz, who is also a race auto driver and has endured several crashes.

But he also admitted that he's never actually asked a doctor if the two are linked. "I've never been to the doctor and been like, you know, 'Why don't I have a memory?' To be honest, I've never really talked about it".

Muniz revealed, "I have gotten to do anything I wanted to do but I don't remember much of that".

Bryan said: 'Frankie was a TV star, then he became a race auto driver, and a drummer in a rock band. Like, I should have remembered going to Australia. "They are still (his) experiences". I will tell him, 'Remember this?

He also confessed that 2017 has been his most memorable year as he's "learnt to live in the present". Remember that on Malcolm? "I'm happy with my acting career, I'm happy the decision I made to drive race cars and to focus on music. Even if I don't remember, I'm happy".

In his DWTS interview, Muniz said the concussions and mini strokes "could be" connected to his memory loss. It's just my life but we were talking about "Malcolm" and how it started and I don't really have memories of being on the show.

According to Fox News, Muniz has endured several crashes during his racing career.

The actor was involved in a serious auto accident in 2009 while competing as a professional race care driver.

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