Zoella Opens Up About Her Anxiety For World Mental Health Day

Zoella Opens Up About Her Anxiety For World Mental Health Day

Zoella Opens Up About Her Anxiety For World Mental Health Day

The Premier said this on Tuesday as the world observes World Mental Health Day.

Workplaces, schools, and organizations all over the world take some time today to help educate their people about depression, anxiety disorders, and other mental illnesses, in order to better support the almost 600 million people worldwide who suffer from anxiety, depression, or both. It is not about asking line managers or even HR to be mental health "experts", but simply helping them to understand that the most important, the most impactful question they can ask someone is "How are you?". As well as Fujitsu, organisations such as Jaguar Land Rover and Barclays will showcase examples of fostering talent and supporting employees with mental health conditions to succeed at work.

On the other hand, WHO added that "a negative working environment, may lead to physical and mental health problems, harmful use of substances or alcohol, absenteeism and lost productivity".

"We must all work together to create healthier workplaces and ensuring mental health issues are part of our focus is critical. There is no health without good mental health", said Keane. If mental health is affecting someone's ability to do their job, help is available through our Access to Work scheme's dedicated Mental Health Support Service.

As for leniency surrounding mental health concerns, a fifth of managers thought mental health queries leveraged by top-level members of staff were treated more seriously than concerns raised by lower-level members of staff.

The course is aiming to increase knowledge, having its participants come away with a clear understanding of what mental illness is, what mental well-being is, a clear understanding of what different mental illnesses are and to come away with what are the current pathways in TT that can be used to support people if they are in mental health crisis.

She says mental health is an issue that needs to be dealt with all year round, not just one day. In the African region, lack of information, stigma and cultural issues are significant barriers that prevent people from seeking help.

Stress is also a big issue for millions of people and something that affects everyone, according to the National Institute of Mental Health. As things start to become too much for the mind to handle, your body could throw you a number of subtle, but important, hints. Patients and attendants were educated on mental health by nursing students through role play in the New OPD, DDTC OPD and Psychiatry OPD.

Another respondent said that they couldn't take time off work to see a psychologist. "In addition they could be losing out on the support structure offered by their employer, putting their career and relationship with colleagues at risk". "In accordance with the American Disability Act that we follow now, if a person is diagnosed with mental health issues, accommodations can be made".

Dr Asad acknowledged the fact that encouragement and cooperation are musts for people who are suffering from depression or any other mental health issues.

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