Razer's first ever smartphone is coming next month

Razer's first ever smartphone is coming next month

Razer's first ever smartphone is coming next month

The company has posted a teaser of a launch event scheduled for November 1 where it is reported to launch the device.

Min-Liang Tan, the CEO of Razer had only said it will mainly focus on gaming as well as on entertainment. We talked about how Razer is in the gaming business and how the companies products are targetted at hardcore gamers.

The last time a company launched a gaming mobile device, or as close to a smartphone as it can be, was NVIDIA with the NVIDIA Shield Portable.

Razer acquired smartphone manufacturer Nextbit earlier this year.

As for how Razer's Nextbit acquisition plays into this phone, it may feature some of that company's cloud-based infrastructure. Then, a tweet made by Tim Moss, the head of Razer's mobile division, saw Moss and Tan standing together. However, with Nextbit under its wing, Razer could end up making something quite unique. A few extra gigabytes of system memory isn't going to make a huge difference in performance which means Razer will need to do something with the form factor or software to really appeal to gamers.

Razer Lancehead, a mouse gaming versatile and effective? Razer also killed off customer support for the phone, with no new warranties to be issued.

The operating system allegedly runs on a custom version of Android 7.1.1 Nougat, similar to what we'll find in Amazon's upcoming Fire TV. 9to5Mac speculates that because this is Razer, a portion of the phone will probably be flanked by customizable LEDs.

While the rumor mill has been very clear on what Razer's announcing and when to expect it, we haven't heard many details about the phone's specs.

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