Facebook Will Reveal How Russia Targeted US Voters

Facebook Will Reveal How Russia Targeted US Voters

Facebook Will Reveal How Russia Targeted US Voters

Facebook later disclosed that information to Congress, which is investigating Russian meddling in the election.

Information about how the ads were targeted toward specific kinds of users would also be released, she said. "Any time there is abuse on our platform, it troubles us".

A top Facebook executive says ads linked to Russian Federation trying to influence the USA presidential election should "absolutely" be released to the public, along with information on whom the ads were targeting.

Despite public promises of cooperation from Facebook and other social media companies, congressional investigators are battling over how much data the companies should hand over to them on Russian efforts to influence the 2016 US presidential election.Congressional sources said this week that Facebook Inc has been slow to cooperate.

A member of Congress who viewed about 70 of the roughly 3,000 ads told The Associated Press that they were meant to stir up strong emotions on all sides.

Politico reported that CBC members, including House Assistant Democratic Leader James Clyburn, were not assuaged by Sandberg's performance.

Later Thursday, Sandberg met privately with members of the Congressional Black Caucus, where she was pressed on what the company is doing in response to its discovery that numerous ads pushed by Russian-linked accounts were aimed at sowing racial discord.

But she also said that had the ads been linked to legitimate, rather than fake, Facebook accounts, "most of them would have been allowed to run".

Sandberg's meeting with the caucus was just the latest stop in an apology tour launched after Facebook faced harsh criticism for denying, back tracking, then finally admitting the key role it played in Russia's disinformation campaign. We don't hire reporters.

According to Recode, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg is in Washington D.C. this week to try and smooth over concerns that the social media company has not taken responsibility for the flourishing of Russian disinformation campaigns and fake news that demonizes Black Lives Matter on its website. The company also wants help from the intelligence community in identifying foreign bad actors, he said.

"What we really owe the American people is determination" to do "everything we can" to defend against threats and foreign interference, Sandberg said.

The social media platform has announced that it would take steps in the coming months to protect election integrity around the world.

Twitter engineers are trying to regenerate some of the lost data, and may be able to retrieve some of it, said a person familiar with the company's technology.

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