What Happens To Students If The College Strike Drags On?

What Happens To Students If The College Strike Drags On?

What Happens To Students If The College Strike Drags On?

With Fleming College faculty joining fellow instructors in the Ontario Public Service Employees Union on the picket line Monday, the college's Cobourg campus remained open, but without classes.

It was a bright and sunny morning at the entrance to Canadore College and Nipissing University. To put that $400 million cost into perspective, colleges now spend $750 million annually on full-time faculty salaries.

The President of the College Student Alliance has no clear answers, and with no guideline to recoup the semester should the labour dispute drag on, Joel Willett admits many students could be left in the lurch.

"On Oct. 14, we presented council with a streamlined offer that represented what faculty consider to be the bare minimum we need to ensure quality education for students and treat contract faculty fairly", said JP Hornick, head of the union bargaining team. Another proposal was more academic freedom to give faculty a stronger voice in academic decision-making.

In a posting on its website, Fanshawe says "We can not predict how long a strike may last".

The deadline to reach a deal with 12,000 professors, instructors, counsellors and librarians is 12:01 a.m. Monday.

"The fastest way to resolve the strike is for the union to accept the colleges' final offer, or, at the very least, put the colleges' final offer forward to its members for a vote".

He said 67 per cent of Canadore's faculty is part-time and that number is only expected to rise.

"I'm really surprised it's come to this", he said.

One of OPSEU's proposals during negotiations called for the number of full-time faculty to match the number of faculty members on contract.

"And as I said, I'm not just a faculty member I'm a parent".

"There are big differences in what is affordable", said Patterson. "I certainly appreciate it from a teacher's point of view but also from the parent's point of view, we don't like to see these kinds of disruptions".

According to the college, Mohawk is developing contingency plans so all students will have the opportunity to complete their semester once the strike ends.

"Students' want to learn". (Those taught by Mohawk faculty are cancelled).

The petition says the schools' administrations have nothing to lose in the strike. "12,000 faculty and 500,000 students are impacted across the province", Brown stated in Question Period. The Ontario Public Services Employees Union, which was negotiating on behalf of faculty, said there was "nothing more" coming from the College Employer Council, which bargains for the colleges. "Will the Premier get both sides back to the bargaining table today?"

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