Air bag concerns force Mercedes-Benz recall

The marque says owners of models that may be affected "should call their breakdown cover provider or contact their nearest Mercedes dealer" if the airbag light in activated in their vehicle, reports WhatCar?

Reported to be 400 thousand cars will be recalled in the United Kingdom, several hundred thousand in Germany. They have said that the above vehicles are OK to drive under normal conditions. The recall is for around one million cars in total around the world, 495,000 of these are in the US.

Daimler, the marque's parent company, will recall United Kingdom cars built between November 2011 and July this year after it was alerted to airbags going off prematurely. But, it is reported that there is an unwarranted deployment of the airbags.

The problem has been attributed to a broken steering column spring and insufficiently earthed wiring components.

The recall is not related to the exploding Takata airbag scandal, and there have been no fatalities.

The latest version of the Mercedes-Benz CLA is also impacted by the airbag recall.

"Whoever aims for sustainable competitiveness and profitability must continuously evolve and adapt to rapidly changing surroundings - technologically, culturally and also structurally", Daimler CEO Dieter Zetsche said in a statement released Monday.

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