Drone hits passenger jet in Canada, the first time it's happened

Drone hits passenger jet in Canada, the first time it's happened

Drone hits passenger jet in Canada, the first time it's happened

An airport spokesman said the plane was arriving from Rouyn-Noranda with eight people aboard when it was struck about three kilometres from the airport.

Meanwhile, in another incident, the lives of 130 people were at risk after a drone almost collided with an aircraft coming in to land at London's Gatwick, a report has revealed. As the craft landed without incident, The Register's aviation desk will assume it wasn't chopped up by the plane's propellors with attendant spray of plastic and metal.

Greg McConnell, the national chairperson of the Canadian Federal Pilots' Association, said the incident "was just a matter of time".

Last year, Dubai's worldwide airport announced trial flights of a drone hunter, which is a remote-controlled aircraft that detects drones that can possibly stray into the airspace of a plane. At the time of impact, the drone was flying at an altitude of approximately 450 meters and very close to that aerodrome, which violates the established regulations for this type of artifacts.

In other instances, collisions suspected of involving drones turned out false.

In a news conference, Gareau noted: "If a drone were to hit the window of a cockpit and incapacitate the pilot, or were to damage in anyway an engine, this could have catastrophic results".

According to the interim rule imposed by Transport Canada, flying of drones for the objective of recreation is proscribed within the 3.5 miles radius of an airport and 1.1 miles radius for a heliport. "Let's get a move on". Airports, helipads and seaplane based in Canada are restricted zones for drone operators without permission from Transport Canada.

"I would like to remind drone operators that endangering the safety of an aircraft is extremely risky and a serious offense", Garneau said.

He said they were following the situation in partnership with airport officials, Quebec City police, NAV CANADA and the Transportation Safety Board of Canada.

Garneau's office stated in a release that 1,596 drone incidents have been reported to Transport Canada in 2017, 131 of which were deemed aviation safety concerns.

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