County submits proposal for Amazon's new location

County submits proposal for Amazon's new location

County submits proposal for Amazon's new location

Everyday Memphians also drummed up support in recent days through the "Memphis Delivers" campaign, showing off "Memphis Delivers" signs and using the "Memphis Delivers" Twitter hashtag to showcase what makes the bluff city unique and appealing.

The provincial government has pledged to up the number of STEM graduates to "fuel the arrival of this company or other companies", said Tory - something he argues will help the city whether or not Amazon takes the bait.

In Chula Vista, CA the city made a giant book to show Amazon what makes the city ready for them. He says the open process will probably produce a better deal for Amazon, but it definitely has turned cities into unpaid P-R consultants for the company, enhancing its image as a highly desirable corporate citizen.

Some cities refuse to give in.

New York City lit up landmarks in "Amazon orange" to make a bid.

Memphis is among the dozens of bidding cities.

The company outlined minimum standards that included a metropolitan area with more than one million people and a stable and business-friendly environment that could attract technical talent. He believes the city may have a shot at success because of Ontario's announced commitment to funding more university spots in high-tech programs. Amazon expects to hire up to 50,000 employees for its new headquarters, and is already struggling to fill all its existing jobs, with 3,000 technology positions now open, Mr. Thomson said. "The Lake County Council encourages Amazon to locate its second headquarters in Northwest Indiana".

Mr. Thomson said there has been too much public focus on financial incentives, and said Amazon's top internal concern is finding a large pool of technology talent.

Other companies who want to move to Delaware, the video is sure to highlight, will have access to the same incentives as Amazon, including the New Economy Jobs Tax Credit, Business Facility Tax Credit and grants or loans through the Delaware Strategic Fund. If Amazon chooses DE, more than one location could be utilized.

Toronto's bid proposes several sites in downtown Toronto as possible locations.

The release offered no detail on the bid because the proposal is "proprietary".

Amazon is expected to reveal a short list of 20 to 30 cities later this year and announce its choice in 2018.

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