Nintendo Switch Was the Top-Selling Console in the United States in September

Yesterday, Nintendo pushed the new 4.0.0 firmware update for the Nintendo Switch.

This also doesn't enable voice chat in games, though it's unclear if this would actually be supported or not since no games on the system support voice chat, which is something that's been sidelined for the Nintendo Switch Online app. While it seems a little more tedious than just using a wired headphone, you can attach your wireless headphone receiver through the Switch's bottom USB-C port and get wireless audio that way. The new update for the console also brought an update for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Nintendo will also approach developers who have used their characters in third party games, such as Mario + Rabbids, in order to implement video capture earlier, although any developer can patch support in for their games. It can be launched by pressing and holding the dedicated screen capture button of the hybrid console, and once recording is finished, the video will be saved to the Nintendo Switch album.

The ability to capture videos clips is probably the biggest addition to the update. The content will no longer be available on the source console after you make the transfer. The 27th of this month will see the release of Super Mario Odyssey and games in the flagship Mario franchise always do well when it comes to sales.

Could Nintendo be adding more features that are more fundamental to the Switch gaming crowd?

Now, this doesn't necessarily resolve the chat issues with games, as you still need the adapter and what-not to talk with friends, but for those with headsets that they've been waiting to use with the system, this is certain to come as a relief. It has added a new feature that eliminates some channel content from the feed when you decide to unfollow that channel. Gamers will be able to enjoy games differently now.

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