We've Finally Solved the Mystery of James Comey's Twitter Account

LawFare blogger Benjamin Wittes-a personal friend of Comey's-has tweeted that the "Reinhold Niebuhr" account using the handle @FormerBu "is in fact, James Comey himself". Now that Comey is free, he ha s chose to let the world know that he is indeed Reinhold Niebuhr.

The account operates under the name Reinhold Niebuhr - a theologian and political commentator who died in 1971 - and has been the subject of investigations from Gizmodo and the New Yorker, among other outlets. Gotta get back to writing. Last week, the account posted two public tweets - an image of a kayaker at West Point, and a photo from Little Round Top, in Gettysburg, Pa., with the line, "Good place to think about leadership and values". He was abruptly fired by President Trump in May, who said he was thinking about the Russian Federation investigation when he made his decision.

At the time, the FBI refused to say whether Comey was behind @projectexile7, but the user himself put up a meme reacting to the detailed Gizmodo investigation into the account.

Comey has since changed his handled to '@FormerBu'. Monday's post appeared to confirm the theory.

Speculation and jokes about a possible Comey 2020 campaign erupted immediately. The account never tweeted, though it followed others and liked their tweets.

Comey is wearing sneakers in the picture - prompting many to quip online: 'He's running'. He was abruptly fired by President Trump in May.

Some see a message about future plans in Comey's tweets.

Comey, who was sacked by Trump apparently over his handling of the inquiry into Hillary Clinton's emails during the 2016 election, has tweeted numerous shots of nature from his account over the last month, but finally tweeted a picture showing his face on Monday. What's perhaps more interesting is the reference in today's tweet about writing, suggesting that Comey is working on a book of some kind.

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