Throwback To Gemma Collins' Dive On Splash!

Throwback To Gemma Collins' Dive On Splash!

Throwback To Gemma Collins' Dive On Splash!

Gemma - who says the left side of her body is still "throbbing" from the accident - claims that she feared she could be CRUSHED by machinery under the stage when she fell and is grateful to Marcel and Jamie for helping her up.

The Towie stalwart has hinted that she's "got to consult a lawyer" after that moment, which saw her announcing Love Island as the victor of Best TV show, only to fall through a trap door which had opened to bring members of the cast on stage. The BBC hasn't sent any flowers. The BBC, they've not been in touch with any compensation or anything - or even an apology, ' she claims.

Collins, however, maintains that she was not told about how the Love Island stars would be arriving on stage.

The Internet has gone wild over her clumsy fall, with many praising the loud reality star for taking it so bravely on the chin. It is a miracle I am living to tell the tale. "Her legs are gonna be crushed!' because the platform underneath was raising up and my legs were dangling over the end of it so thank you to the two Love Island guys", Gemma said.

Before Gemma went on the female producer told her there was a trap door in the middle of the stage. I could have been legless.

Gemma has since taken to Twitter to describe the embarassing incident as "the best and worst moment" of her life.

Amanda joked: "It was like an air bag!" and Gemma agreed saying: "I have a bruised left bum cheek but apart from that I'm rocking and rolling".

"I would love my own show", she said.

"They were screaming 'Get her up!" After Madonna hit back (and strangled) by a cloak full BRIT awards and Shy'm throwing himself head first into the public sparse Bercy (which departs immediately), the Internets we offer an all-new fall broadcast live from Wembley stadium yesterday evening at the English tv!

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