Iran, IAEA urge commitment to nuclear deal by all parties

The 2015 accord included a ban on high-level uranium enrichment - 20% or more - that would take Iran close to the level needed for a nuclear weapon.

Speaking from the White House on October 13, Trump said he will choose not to certify that Tehran is complying with the agreement.

Iran's adherence to the deal was also confirmed by Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Yukiya Amano who visited Tehran on Sunday.

Tehran views Trump's hostile rhetoric and the new USA sanctions as a violation of the nuclear deal.

The IAEA is in charge of monitoring restrictions on Iran's nuclear program under the nuclear agreement.

Amid the possibility of the US' unilateral withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal, also known as JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Actions), and new anti-Tehran sanctions, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has outlined his position on the issue.

The United States has already imposed unilateral sanctions on Iran, saying its missile tests violate a UN resolution, which calls on Tehran not to undertake activities related to missiles capable of delivering nuclear weapons.

Vice President Ali Salehi added that "if the nuclear deal is broken, it will have unpredictable consequences". So far the agency has released eight reports each time confirming Iran's adherence to the worldwide nuclear pact.

A country that has signed an global and multilateral agreement does not have the right to deal with it in whatever way it likes, Rouhani said, referring to the USA administration's treatment and interpretation of the deal.

"We will produce any weapons of any kind that we need", the 68-year-old said, in a speech to parliament. "And this is to defend ourselves and the unity of our land and people".

US Defence Secretary Jim Mattis said on Saturday that he could not imagine the United States ever accepting a nuclear North Korea, and stressed during a week-long trip to Asia that diplomacy was America's preferred course.

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