Right-wing groups now resort to violence, says Kamal Haasan

Right-wing groups now resort to violence, says Kamal Haasan

Right-wing groups now resort to violence, says Kamal Haasan

The comments made by Kamal in his weekly column in a Tamil magazine titled "You can no longer say there is no Hindu terror", sent ripples across the political spectrum Thursday with the RSS and BJP demanding that he immediately withdraw his statement and make an unconditional apology.

"In the past the Hindu right used to engage only in intellectual debates with the other religious groups. They too started indulging in violence", he wrote. "But now they resort to violence", Haasan said.

"The right wing can not challenge talk of Hindu terrorists because terror has spread into their camp as well.Hindus are losing faith in "satyameva jayate" and instead subscribing to "might is right", he said.

Haasan, who has been hinting at entering politics, is expected to make a major announcement on November 7.

"There has been a tendency in this country we have seen in the past decade how Sonia Gandhi-Rahul Gandhi led Congress party drew a strategy of maligning the Indian society and Hindu community only to appease the Muslim vote bank".

The Tamil actor had even held a meeting with Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal at his house in Chennai in September.

There is speculation that Haasan may announce floating a new political party, though the actor's manager has consistently denied it.

He also said that the attempt by fascists to shift the world towards the right will not succeed, and it is a temporary phenomenon.


Political analysts feel that the latest stand, a bold one, by Haasan will help him occupy the emptying space in politics in both Tamil Nadu and and rest of India.

Meanwhile, senior BJP leader Vinay Katiyar slammed Haasan and asked him to apologise for the statement. "In fact, there is peace because Hindus are in a majority", BJP spokesperson Narayanan Thirupathi said.

"Such claims will not work in politics. The Congress which talked of Hindu terrorism is today out of power", referring to the political backlash the Congress faced for using the phrase.

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