Google Search and Maps Now Show You Estimated Wait Times at Restaurants

There you'll see the estimated wait time at that very moment. According to the company, the feature is rolling out soon on Google Search with Google Maps to follow.

Google already uses this data to show you when a restaurant will get busy through the "Popular Times" section on each restaurant listing.

Diners will soon have a new tool to balance hunger and patience when Google adds a new feature to help dodge long wait times at popular NY restaurants. This could come in particularly handy for those bars and restaurants that don't take reservations (looking at you, Monk's).

Google will now show those searching for a restaurant the wait times of almost one million sit-down restaurants worldwide that allow walk-ins.

Of course, wait times aren't just an issue at fine dining establishments. The information will be added to the Google Maps app in the near future.

Average wait times for about 1 million restaurants are coming to search results on Tuesday. For now, Google is only talking about getting tables at restaurants, but a support page suggests that other business types, such as grocery stores, will be included in the future.

Google's new restaurant wait times also comes from the aggregated and anonymized data from users who opted in to Google Location History - the same data that powers popular times, wait times and visit duration.

Will you be booking a fancy night out using the new feature?

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