Lamborghini's First Electric Sports Car Concept Looks Insane

Lamborghini's First Electric Sports Car Concept Looks Insane

Lamborghini's First Electric Sports Car Concept Looks Insane

Lamborghini's future will be very interesting indeed.

These technological innovations allowed Lamborghini's designers the ability to create a body around an entirely new architecture.

In fact, there's nothing really conventional about how power is developed in the Terzo Millennio.

Lamborghini execs explained that the Third Millennium project with MIT is aimed at looking 10 to 20 years ahead at a performance auto of the future, and developing the technology to achieve that vision. The result is an all-new, wildly innovative concept auto, called Terzo Millennio.

The concept vehicle wears its Lambo DNA on its sleeve, with a sharp and swooping angular design that looks like the love child of a Le Mans Prototype auto and a stealth bomber that's been sent back in time; Terzo Millennio does translate into "the third millennium" after all.

The auto does not feature normal electric batteries like Tesla, instead, the company uses supercapacitors, which can charge at a much faster rate compared to the normal electrical battery and these supercapacitors will also remove the limitations of the normal batteries, like these can charge and discharge at a much faster rate and these can store large power on a similar footprint compared to the electrical batteries. However, the batteries used by today's hybrids do not seem to be enough. Also in the works is a "self-healing" mechanism, whereby the vehicle can automatically detect any damage to the frame and activate chemical reactions to fix it before it spreads.

In addition to energy storing body panels, MIT professors and Lamborghini say that the carbon fiber structure in the Terzo Millennio may be able to identify and "heal" small cracks in its substructure, presumably with liquid-filled micro-channels in its construction.

However, working with MIT and embracing electrical power shows Lamborghini is now a company not afraid to move beyond its well-established routes of putting large normally aspirated engines into aggressive looking cars. Literally meaning "Third Millenium", the future vision of a hypercar is as wild as it appears. In addition to Y-shaped lights, Lamborghini expects the MIT collaboration to produce the first functional self-repairing, energy holding composite body components within the next three years, according to Lucino de Oto, Lamborghini's Advanced Composites Head.

The bodywork of the Millennio will utilise Lamborghini's expertise in carbon fibre, which naturally results in significant weight reduction.

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