Brevity Begone: Twitter Doubles Tweet Limit to 280 Characters

Microblogging website Twitter Inc, known for its iconic 140-character tweets, said it would roll out 280-character tweets to users across the world, Media reports on Wednesday. The idea that Twitter users will automatically keep to 140 characters, when they have a full 280 characters to play with, defeats Twitter's own objective of increasing the character length in the first place.

Until this week, only a select group of Twitter users were able to tweet past the 140 character count in a trial period.

But those who did use the longer tweets, got more followers, more engagement and spent more time on the site, it added. "The whole point, for me, was how inventive people could be within that concise framework" - kicking off a Twitter chain of opposition that spread to Stephen King, Neil Gaiman, and more.

Twitter originally hit on the 140-character limit as a nod to the character limits placed on early text messages, when it was founded in 2007. The main qualm being that the new limit defies Twitter's central draw: brevity.

They perfectly captured the moment Sergio Aguero's last minute victor against QPR sealed the title for the Sky Blues on the final day of the 2011/12 season by imitating Martin Tyler's famous "Agueroooo" commentary in this tweet.

The company has been slowly easing restrictions to let people cram more characters into a tweet.

Which means users can voice their opinions in much longer posts.

"During the first few days of the test many people Tweeted the full 280 limit because it was new and novel, but soon after behavior normalized (more on this below)".

"We saw when people needed to use more than 140 characters, they tweeted more easily and more often", Aliza Rosen, a company product manager, wrote in a blog. Only five percent of tweets sent during the test and only two percent exceeded their 190-character limit.

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