Nintendo Switch Gets First Video Streaming Service, Hulu

Nintendo Switch Gets First Video Streaming Service, Hulu

Nintendo Switch Gets First Video Streaming Service, Hulu

It's now been confirmed by Hulu that the app will be available to download later today on the Nintendo eShop. To them, I say, what about the promise of the Switch, where you can undock the device and walk around using it? The old Nintendo Wii and Wii U consoles also had streaming services such as Netflix and YouTube.

Modern video game consoles can do a lot more than just play games. Firstly, users will need to have a US-registered Switch account, which isn't too hard to do as the console itself is region-free - hurray!

Today, Hulu announced in a blog post that it is bringing its services to the Nintendo Switch starting today.

For a long time, Nintendo has been the joke among the arsenal of console gaming and entertainment.

Featuring over 30 vehicles from 16 official manufacturers, Gear.Club Unlimited is set to be a must-have for Nintendo Switch owning racing fans fed up of karts and shells. Presumably, other streaming services will get around to releasing apps on Switch sometime in the future. If that sounds appealing to you, then you should be able to download the Hulu app later this week for Nintendo Switch and sign up for the service for $7.99 a month or one of its more expensive ad-free and premium content offering plans.

The Switch has been one of the Nintendo's best selling consoles to date.

However, the arrival of Hulu could open the floodgates for other streaming services to seek their place at the table. Likewise, the Switch now has a larger library of games than when it was first launched, which clearly reflects Nintendo's effort of putting games first.

Is Nintendo Switch Netflix Coming Next? Though Hulu is already available on cell phones, the Switch offers a much larger screen comparable to that of a smaller tablet.

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