U.S. aircraft carriers, South Korean destroyers conduct joint naval excercise

For the first time in a decade, three U.S. Navy carriers are in the same place at the same time for a series of exercises in the Western Pacific. "Pacific Fleet's unique ability and ironclad commitment to the continued security and stability of the region".

Trump, who is on the final leg of his crucial Asia tour, made North Korea a top priority in his 12-day-long trip.

But Pyongyang has seen any USA military exercises as a threat.

KCNA also cited other recent US military moves, such as the first deployment of stealthy US Air Force F-35 fighters to Okinawa, as signs Washington is ramping up for war against North Korea.

However, Pyongyangs state news agency accused the USA and South Korea of attempting to escalate tensions in the region.

Mr Ja said the USA had reactivated round-the-clock sorties by B-52 strategic bombers and was making frequent flights of B-1B and B-2 bombers in the air space of South Korea, AFP reported. "Nobody knows when and how the "war maniac" Trump will ignite the "wick of war, '" officials told CNN's Will Ripley".

Japan's Maritime Self-Defense Force held a joint exercise with the USA strike groups on November 12.

"The objective of the drill in global waters is to showcase the U.S. Navy's "unique capability to operate multiple carrier strike groups as a coordinate strike force effort", the service said in a statement".

A South Korean Defense Ministry official said the three United States carriers held drills on either side of the waters separating the Korean Peninsula and Japan. The MSDF said it is "using every opportunity" to strengthen ties between the two navies, the Japan Times reports. It was the first time three US aircraft carrier strike groups have been assembled in the Sea of Japan since North Korea's nuclear and missile program surfaced in the 1990s.

Following the bilateral JMSDF-US Navy exercise, the carriers strike groups linked up with seven Republic of Korea Navy (ROKN) warships including two Aegis guided missile destroyers for war games meant to deter North Korea.

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