Trump to nominate 'star' to lead HHS

Trump to nominate 'star' to lead HHS

Trump to nominate 'star' to lead HHS

Azar's nomination for HHS Secretary follows the ascendance of Seema Verma, who now leads the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid, and former State Health Commissioner Jerome Adams, who became Surgeon General this summer.

If Senate confirms his nomination, Azar would replace Tom Price, the administration's first HHS chief, who resigned in September over revelations of his use of private, costly charter jets on government travels.

Please adhere to our commenting policy to avoid being banned. "In fact, the ACA is working despite President Trump and former HHS Secretary Tom Price's repeated efforts to repeal and sabotage it - open enrollment is off to a strong start, plans remain affordable and every county in the country is covered".

"Much of the focus will likely be changing the ideology under which the existing law will be administered", said Mike Leavitt, a former secretary of health and human services who was Azar's boss during the Bush administration when speaking to the New York Times. The pharmaceutical company produces Cialis, Humulin, and Trulicity, and other popular drugs. He served as deputy secretary of HHS under former President George W. Bush and has been considered a frontrunner for the secretary position since mid-October. "If he wants to take meaningful action to lower drug prices, we want to help him". "Instead of draining the swamp, he has set the fox to guard the henhouse".

The American Hospital Association said it welcomed the news and was encouraged by Azar's experience in both the public and private sectors.

If Alex Azar's nomination is confirmed, then Big Pharma's coup d'etat in the health care sphere will be virtually complete. He once clerked for the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, a revered figure for conservatives.

"He has the chance to stand up for patients because he knows exactly how the drug pricing system is broken", said.Wakana, who previously served as the head of HHS communications under the Obama administration.

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