Trump Slams Marshawn Lynch for Standing Only for Mexican Anthem

Trump Slams Marshawn Lynch for Standing Only for Mexican Anthem

Trump Slams Marshawn Lynch for Standing Only for Mexican Anthem

This came after the Boston Globe's Ben Volin reported during the Raiders-Patriots game in Mexico City that Lynch stood for the Mexican national anthem, but sat for the USA anthem. Lynch then stood, though not at attention, during the playing of the Mexican anthem.

Lynch has not stood for the national anthem since returning from retirement this season.

"Two dozen NFL players continue to kneel during the national anthem, showing total disrespect to our Flag & Country".

The Patriots emerged with a decisive victory in Mexico City on Sunday afternoon, defeating the Raiders by a convincing 33-8 scoreline.

Mr. Trump said in an early morning Monday tweet that, "Next time National Football League should suspend him for remainder of season".

Trump won't get his way, but with a quick tweet he brought the issue to the Raiders' doorstep in what will become a topic in Alameda all week.

Peters has been protesting during the anthem this season as well, and the Star said Peters also tweeted that he wasn't trying to be disrespectful and he really did want to talk to Trump.

"We've said that we would like to see everyone at our games stand for the anthem".

Lynch has yet to explain the reason behind his protests, but before a Week 4 game, he wore a shirt with the message, "Everybody vs. Trump", the Washington Post reported.

"Lynch was actually standing during the first few bars of "The Star-Spangled Banner" on Sunday before taking a seat". While overseas, Trump reportedly asked Jinping to help with three UCLA basketball players' shoplifting incident. Trump made the comment after one of the players' fathers, LaVar Ball, suggested the president's actions weren't a huge contribution to their release. "I should have left them in jail!"

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