Uber 2016 data breach puts 600000 drivers at risk

Uber 2016 data breach puts 600000 drivers at risk

Uber 2016 data breach puts 600000 drivers at risk

A pair of hackers discovered the archive of 57 million Uber riders and drivers and stole names, email addresses, phone numbers as well as driver's license numbers of 600,000 Uber drivers.

"Uber has had a slew of controversies surrounding it for some time now and at a time when the company is relying on public opinion to help support continued operations in London through petitions etc, this incident is likely to do it no favors - as the results of our flash poll show", says Tony Pepper, co-founder and CEO of Egress.

"It doesn't appear that happened here", he said.

This is one of the larger breaches to have been disclosed by a major firm, but should you be anxious?

"Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi's statement that there is no excuse for what happened and Uber will be putting integrity and trust at the core of every business decision is a welcome message", he said.

Uber Technologies, Inc., is no stranger to self-inflicted wounds, but the latest visit to the infirmary goes far beyond the kinds of running-with-scissors episodes that have made the ride sharing company infamous.

Reports claim Uber's former chief executive Travis Kalanick has known about the breach for over a year.

And even the SEC has faced security issues of its own.

"What I learned, particularly around our failure to notify affected individuals or regulators previous year, has prompted me to take several actions".

Bloomberg News first reported the data breach yesterday.

According to security firm Venafi, the breach at Uber is an example of how unprotected machine identities can lead to data breaches.

In October 2016, Uber suffered a huge data hack that affected 57 million customers and drivers.

The New York Attorney General's Office has also opened an investigation into the breach. Uber says the response to the hack was handled by its chief security officer, Joe Sullivan, a former federal prosecutor whom Kalanick lured away from Facebook in 2015.

- Affair site cracked - In August 2015 hackers calling themselves The Impact Team published almost 30 gigabytes of files including the names and credit card data of people who had signed up with Ashley Madison, a website facilitating extra-marital affairs.

"This wasn't simply a data breach", Rubin said.

The new legislation "is creating a sense of urgency that not only do companies need to operate in a timely and effective manner, but that they need to build a more risk-based, proactive resilience-based approach to cybersecurity", Kleinman said. The company has been embroiled in a number of controversies, including using software called Greyball to evade regulators, a court battle over allegedly stolen secrets from Google's self-driving vehicle division, and a slew of complaints regarding sexual harassment and toxic company culture.

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