Man arrested over Melbourne NYE terror plans

Man arrested over Melbourne NYE terror plans

Man arrested over Melbourne NYE terror plans

A 20-year-old Australian man of Somalian parents has been arrested for allegedly planning to "kill as many people as possible" in the city of Melbourne on New Year's Eve.

"It will be alleged the man arrested was involved in undertaking preparations for planning a terrorist act in Melbourne on New Year's Eve this year", Victoria state police said.

Victoria and Australian Federal Police tracked Ali Khalif Shire Ali and said he planned to shoot "as many people as he could" in an attack in Melbourne's CBD.

"This is a person who would become particularly energized, for a lack of a better word, when overseas [terrorism] events occurred and would express a great deal of interest in committing an attack himself", Patton said.

"He's accessed documents produced by Al Qaeda Arabian Peninsula, which is a guidebook in respect to how to commit a terrorist act, and also how to use firearms".

The arrest was not linked to previous operations, police said.

The man will likely appear in a Melbourne court late on Tuesday or Wednesday on charges of preparing to commit a terrorist attack and collecting documents to facilitate a terrorist act.

The plot was the 14th that police say they had disrupted since the terrorist threat level was raised.

Search warrants were issued on Monday at a home in a suburb where the suspect lived with his parents and siblings, at a relative's address in another suburb, and at a computer business where he once had a part-time job.

The man was arrested at his home address in Werribee at 3pm yesterday by the Special Operations Group as part of Operation San Jose, which has been monitoring the "high risk" male since the beginning of this year. He is expected to be charged over the coming days.

The unnamed man was born in Australia to Somali parents, but was not linked to any mosque, according to Patton, and he had been monitored by the police since past year as a "high-risk person of interest".

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