Net neutrality protests, coming to a Verizon store near you this Thursday

Net neutrality protests, coming to a Verizon store near you this Thursday

Net neutrality protests, coming to a Verizon store near you this Thursday

"The integrity of the public record matters".

Furthermore, protests have been planned throughout the nation over the coming days in opposition to the FCC's "scorched-earth" attack on net neutrality: More than 600 demonstrations are scheduled to take place at Verizon stores and congressional offices across the country on Thursday, exactly one week ahead of the FCC's planned vote.

A group of 27 senators also wrote to Pai on Monday asking that it delay its vote on the rules over concerns about the public comment record.

People were invited to submit their views on net neutrality to the FCC earlier this year.

Schneiderman's office has launched investigation into alleged fraudulent comments filed with the FCC both for and against dismantling the rules, and found that up to a million of the 23 million total comments received by the FCC may be fraudulent.

According to one report from data scientist Jeff Kao, over 1.3 million comments have been proven to be fraudulent in nature thus far, with many comments impersonating United States residents or using duplicate email addresses. Schneiderman added that the feedback system was "corrupted" - a fact that he accuses the FCC of being well aware of.

Although Schneiderman said he has received more than 3,200 complaints, including 350 in NY, from those who say comments were made in their or a relative's name without their consent, the FCC is refusing to provide any records or data to help with the investigation. A statement from the FCC chairman even claims that scrapping net neutrality protections is to keep the government from micromanaging the internet. For decades, it has served as the medium by which many people around the globe have connected and learned from each other and in its wake, technology has expanded dozens of times over to facilitate these connections via email, instant messaging and now video calling. Furthermore, an additional 50,000 consumer complaints seem to have been excluded from the public record in this proceeding, according to Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests filed by the National Hispanic Media Coalition.

"Federal law guarantees every American a voice in this process", Schneiderman said during a New York City press conference Monday.

Net neutrality has emerged as a complicated, partisan and contentious issue. "This is a big step but given the FCC's conduct over the past eight months we remain skeptical", Schneiderman said.

The spokesperson said that Schneiderman had not identified as fake any comments that were used as part of Pai's proposal. Schneiderman said it's a more "mixed bag" now.

Schneiderman said the FCC agreed on Monday to assist in the probe.

Meanwhile, an FCC member called on the commission to delay a scheduled December 14 vote on repealing net neutrality rules enacted under the Obama administration until an investigation can be completed.

A data firm backed by a telecom industry group found in August that the overwhelming majority of about 1.8 million comments to the FCC favored net neutrality, compared with 24,000 who supported its repeal.

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