Google Home Mini resurrects touch play controls

Google Home Mini resurrects touch play controls

Google Home Mini resurrects touch play controls

While the Google Home Mini isn't ideal, it's still a very good option when it comes to getting your feet wet with a smart speaker.

It's unclear how a smart speaker would leverage more advanced controls, but regardless, multi-touch should make for a more intuitive user experience.

After disabling touch input functionality owing to privacy concerns, Google is bringing back play and pause tap buttons to its compact smart speaker Home Mini.

It's good to see that Google hasn't given up on the issue and find an alternative way to keep the feature implemented without using the top touch control.

With the top touch function, you could also wake up the Google Assistant built into Mini and issue a voice command. The Home Mini removed tapping to start speaking due to a hardware bug, though speaker controls are still present.

Touch controls on the side of the devices include; an ability to silence timers or alarms, pause or play music, and adjust volume levels. And touching the top is what comes as the most natural reaction for users to go for. Google reportedly told Amazon that it wasn't happy with the latter's refusal to allow its Echo Show users to enable autoplay on YouTube, or sign up to access content providers' channels.

The latest update is rolling out now, but it's better not to get too much excited because it is not available for everyone.

Whilst the functionality is only contained in the preview software thus far, it should roll out to all Google Home Mini users shortly, pending acceptance by users on the Google Home Beta program.

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