Sarah Sanders shuts down CNN star Jim Acosta's grandstanding

Sarah Sanders shuts down CNN star Jim Acosta's grandstanding

Sarah Sanders shuts down CNN star Jim Acosta's grandstanding

"Glad to see how much of a strong feminist you are, by promoting positive body image of other females", another Twitter user said.

The White House Press Secretary was asked to cite a specific story that she says is intentionally false, that was intentionally put out there to mislead the American people. He and the White House have declined to answer questions about the allegations since then.

"Sure. The ABC report by Brian Ross", Sanders said, referring to a recent embarrassing correction ABC News issued after Ross botched a bombshell "exclusive" about retired general Michael Flynn that resulted in the reporter being suspended.

"You can't say that it's an honest mistake when you're purposely putting out information that you know to be false, or when you're taking information that hasn't been validated, that hasn't been offered any credibility and that has been continually denied by a number of people, including people with direct knowledge of an instance", she asserted.

Sanders had a testy exchange with reporters on Monday regarding erroneous media reports about the Trump administration over the past two weeks, accusing the press at times of "purposefully misleading" the American people.

But some media critics have warned that the frenzy around Russian Federation has led to a relaxation of editorial standards, resulting in some outlets running stories that they have later had to correct or retract.

Sanders said Monday that these aren't honest mistakes, as one reporter in the briefing room pointed out. And it's not the first time CNN has been caught pushing fake news. About halfway through, though, Sanders appeared to lose her temper in a follow-up question asked by CNN's Jim Acosta. "The timing and absurdity of these false claims speaks volumes and the publicity tour that has begun only further confirms the political motives behind them".

A CNN news director tells a Muslim protester where to stand and how to hold her anti-ISIS sign.

Three of the women who have alleged sexual misconduct urged Congress on Monday to investigate the claims against the President. And they aren't negotiable - not by Donald Trump, not by Sarah Sanders, not by anyone.

The White House last week disputed several media reports that special counselor Robert Mueller had subpoenaed Trump's personal financial records from a German bank, leading several news outlets to alter their reporting.

Over the weekend, Washington Post reporter Dave Weigel deleted and apologized for an inaccurate tweet about the crowd size at Trump's Friday night rally in Florida. I am speaking about the number of reports over the last couple weeks. "This is a big problem and we think it's something that should be taken seriously".

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