Kansas gas prices drop 4 cents, second largest decline nationally

Kansas gas prices drop 4 cents, second largest decline nationally

Kansas gas prices drop 4 cents, second largest decline nationally

The story could obviously be different in vehicles that require premium, but in many cases these are high-performance cars where owners are happy to pay up for a boost in horsepower.

After a comprehensive study over the past couple years, AAA says that by using premium, engine performance may be improved "in certain conditions", but overall, motorists were basically giving their money away buying the high-priced petrol instead of regular. On average, vehicles produced 1.4% more horsepower using Premium.

If you're buying premium gasoline for a auto that doesn't require it, you may be wasting your money, according to AAA. "Those seeking the maximum capabilities of their performance-focused or utility vehicle may see some benefit from using premium gasoline, particularly over the long haul".

Of the 10 Kansas cities regularly highlighted by AAA Kansas (see chart above), all saw gas price declines this week, with the largest drops being Hays (-12 cents), Garden City (-9), and Emporia, Kansas City, Kan. and Wichita (all at -5). "AAA already proved that there is no benefit to using premium gasoline in cars created to run on regular".

"Seasonal trends like reduced gasoline demand and increased fuel supply are allowing pump prices to keep moving lower", said Mark Jenkins, a spokesman for AAA.

While engines that recommend premium deliver little bang for the extra buck, vehicles that require premium should always get the higher octane fuel. But premium fuel, which is typically about 25% more expensive than regular gas, may not offer enough benefits when you consider what you're paying for it.

This news comes after EIAs latest report showed that USA crude stocks fell by 5.6 million bbl.

The tested cars were the Audi A3, Cadillac Escalade, Ford F150, Ford Mustang, Jeep Renegade and Mazda Miata.

AAA also looked at horsepower output.

"The modest fuel economy improvements found in AAA tests do not offset the higher cost of premium gasoline", AAA said in a statement.

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