Bing joins Reddit in launching AI-powered search

Bing joins Reddit in launching AI-powered search

Bing joins Reddit in launching AI-powered search

The company announced that it would be adding AI features to its productivity suite and to its search engine, Bing at an AI event in San Francisco. It will do this by adding prompts to extract more information from the users.

Acronyms, which will roll out to Word Online for Office 365 commercial subscribers in 2018, leans on the Microsoft Graph to find and reveal the definitions of terms from previous emails and documents. Now, the company is improving Bing, as well as Cortana and Office 365, by adding some new, AI-powered features.

Calling out some of these behind-the-scenes upgrades helps Microsoft demonstrate its unique attributes, and thus relevance, among the competing AI-based platforms of Amazon, Apple, and Google.

Although search engines are built to find content, that mission gets trickier when a question has multiple answers, said Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian.

Bing joins Reddit in launching AI-powered search

These updates follow Microsoft's introduction of a public preview of Whiteboard, its collaboration app for teams. Microsoft says its search engine will now provide users with comprehensive and complete information on their search queries, thanks to its new AI-powered Intelligent Search features. A result of the Healthcare NExT initiative, this project will supposedly empower Microsoft's healthcare partners in creating healthcare virtual assistants. Microsoft showed a preview of Office Insights, which uses machine learning to analyze Excel spreadsheets and suggest charts or pivot tables based on the data.

Shum is hesitant to over-promise Bing's new features as an antidote to the misinformation flooding the internet. Office Insiders will be seeing this feature later in December, experiencing the power of machine learning first hand as the feature gets used by more customers.

Microsoft is also infusing AI capabilities in Cortana enabling the assistant to sort emails and offer summaries of important emails from Outlook, Gmail and other accounts. The company has chose to expand this set of AI-powered tools by bringing Cortana to the Outlook mobile app to help users better manage their schedules throughout the day. When you have a meeting or appointment coming up, Outlook will send a notification to alert you when it's time to leave. Text in image search is now rolling out and will be available to all Office 365 commercial subscribers by the end of December.

Finally, Microsoft is expanding on the features it rolled out earlier this year for OneDrive and SharePoint that allows for the automatic detection of content within images and detect whiteboards, screenshots and receipts. This functionality is now only available in English and will be available for all Office 365 commercial subscribers by the end of December.

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