Keaton Jones's mom reacts to social media response on bullying post

Keaton Jones's mom reacts to social media response on bullying post

Keaton Jones's mom reacts to social media response on bullying post

"To inspire people that are bullied, well, just give them a voice that they might not have to speak out about it and how it's not right to bully", Keaton told Today.

Evans even invited him to the premiere of the upcoming "Avengers: Infinity War".

A backlash came swiftly. But internet sleuths found the photo of his mother with the Confederate flag, which lead some to question her intentions.

"It was meant to be ironic and amusing and extreme", she told GMA. "It was to raise awareness to bullying", Keaton told GMA.

One selfie showed White shirtless and bearing tattoos that read "PURE BREED" on his chest and "WHITE PRIDE" on his stomach.

In multiple photos, White and friends hold up a hand sign connected the Aryan Circle, one of the largest white nationalist gangs in USA prisons, reported the Daily Mail.

Now, TMZ has gotten information about Keaton's father and it's not good.

"The Instagram KimberlyJones_38 is Not my mom". He's reportedly scheduled to get out next year.

Shawn White, 36, is seen in a 2015 mugshot for his arrest in Tennessee for aggravated assault.

Keaton Jones Kimberly Jones Lakyn Jones and other siblings

The estranged father of bullied Tennessee student Keaton Jones has a social media presence that's brimming with white supremacist memes and messages, according to TMZ.

Jones also confirmed that the Facebook photo of her family standing with a Confederate flag is authentic, but those who know the family know they are not racist. "I feel like anybody who wants to take the time to ask anybody who I am or even troll through some other pictures, I mean I feel like we're not racist", Kimberly said in the separate interview.

"So it seems as though we were somewhat mislead by what we saw yesterday in regards to Keaton", he posted.

On Tuesday, Kimberly Jones denied she was racist and called the photos of her and her kids posing with a Confederate flag "ironic". "It was unbelievable to get to know him and realize that we have a lot in common".

The video has since been deleted, and Kimberly told Fox News that she never had contact with Schilling. "They want to hate me, I mean, whatever, that's fine, but still talk to your kids".

"I did not tell him that I would rather have donations instead of the help from celebrities", Fox News reports Jones said in an Instagram direct message.

According to Newsweek, Lam has made a decision to go ahead and donate $25,000 of the almost $56,000 raised to a college fund for Keaton. Lam does not know the child or his family.

The remainder, he proposes, would go to other philanthropic causes. "To those who think my mother is a racist, she is not", Lakyn wrote, adding that her mother "is a southern woman who loves where she's from".

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