LG Display creates 88 inch 8K OLED

LG Display creates 88 inch 8K OLED

LG Display creates 88 inch 8K OLED

The Korean consumer electronics giant has just unveiled its newest and biggest TV yet, with an 88-inch panel sporting the world's largest TV resolution.

Every year LG blows our minds by pushing the boundaries of what is possible with TV technology at the Consumer Electronics Show, and CES 2018 will be no different as the South Korean giant is teasing an incredible 88-inch OLED TV with a native 8K resolution. It sets a new standard in the 8K LED category and many wonder, how much more the companies be able to push the envelope in the home entertainment gadgets. We're now seeing a growth 4K TVs and HDR content that is slowly but surely going mainstream. However, with the unveiling of the new OLED monster, LG is showing off just how well it now handles its own ultra HD OLED technology for television displays. As of now, further details regarding the 8K TV are unknown and we'll have a better knowledge about its specifications once it goes official at CES 2018. With double the resolution and nine extra inches of display, you can expect that LG's 88-inch 8K OLED television is going to cost quite a bit more.

In other words, this experimental new OLED UHD TV is an absolute monster of advanced technology. As for the competition, Samsung might not come into the picture in this category as the company has already shifted its focus from OLED TVs to QLED TVs.

ChannelNews is also tipping that Samsung, Philips and several Chinese brands along with Japanese brand Sharp will reveal 8K TV's at CES. With twice the resolution along with 9-inches of display more in the offing, that the price of the new 8K OLED TV will be significantly on the north of the above price ball park is quite natural.

However, the 8K OLED TV will not be hitting stores anytime soon, as the company is expected wait it out for 8K resolution content to enter the mainstream market.

LG's W7 "wallpaper" OLED TV is one of the rare CES products that gives you a look at the future in a product you can buy today.

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