Justin Timberlake spends New Year's Eve with the "OGJT": James Taylor

Justin Timberlake spends New Year's Eve with the

Justin Timberlake spends New Year's Eve with the "OGJT": James Taylor

Along with the album announcement, Timberlake also teased a January 5 release date for the lead single. Although, JT's album releases two days before the Super Bowl, it has not yet been confirmed if he will be performing songs from the new album.

This year's performer, Justin Timberlake, is following suit.

Look, Justin, we've known you for a while now, and you're for sure not a "man of the woods". Timberlake has acknowledged Taylor as the first JT before; in 2013 he tweeted, "Carole King and James Taylor (the FIRST JT!) on PBS Live at the Troubadour is giving me life right now".

He last sang on the Super Bowl stage in 2004, during Janet Jackson's infamous performance. But while "Drink You Away" is a jam, it definitely leans more pop than country.

Timberlake mentions that his son was one of the biggest influences for Man of the Woods. In the short clip, the Tennessee native is out and about enjoying nature as we see a stampede of buffalos and other earthy imagery.

The video features snippets of acoustic guitar, hinting perhaps at a more somber sound for the album, but closes with Timberlake in the studio with all-star pop producer Pharrell Williams. It's basically an eight-minute showcase of his insane range and just how fantastic he sounds when he pushes for those high notes.

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