Pai Passes on CES

Pai Passes on CES

Pai Passes on CES

But the moderated conversation itself wouldn't have been a tricky one for the FCC Chairman to navigate as CTA's Shapiro has long supported the commission's work to reverse the net neutrality rules that were put in place in 2015.

Citing Hill sources, DigitalMusicNews was reporting that Pai's canceled appearance was prompted by multiple death threats tied to the show. Chairman Ajit Pai, Commissioner Michael O'Rielly, and Commissioner Brendan Carr, all Republicans, voted in favor of repeal.

An FCC spokesman told Reuters that Pai would not attend the Consumer Electronics Show without giving a reason.

FCC Chair Ajit Pai cancels CES speaking engagment.

The sources added that federal law enforcement agencies have "intervened in the matter".

FTC Chairwoman Ohlhausen will still attend the convention despite his absence. Additionally, he nearly certainly would have faced questions about the decision to repeal the net neutrality rules.

The man who controversially once said he would take a "weed whacker" to former net neutrality regulations has met with fierce resistance since from consumers and activists and much of the world's media. This move has made him unpopular with most of the country except for executives at internet service providers, to whom he's got close personal ties.

Under the new directives, the FTC will be in charge of overseeing ISPs, as they were before net neutrality was established.

Moments before the FCC voted to repeal the rules in December, the room was evacuated in response to a security threat.

The nature of the threats are unclear, but it is the second time in recent weeks Pai has dealt with imminent security concerns.

The FCC released the full text of its Restoring Internet Freedom order on Thursday.

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