Trump supports the Iranian people's struggle

Trump supports the Iranian people's struggle

Trump supports the Iranian people's struggle

The rising death toll comes as spontaneous demonstrations have swept across Iran since last Thursday, when economic protests swiftly turned political and took aim at the government. Could real change be on the cards?

Under the agreement, the Islamic republic is permitted to resume nuclear weapons development after ten years.

The anti-government protests broke out on December 28 in Iran's second largest city of Mashhad, initially against price rises, and later expanded to other provinces.

State media have now begun broadcasting some footage on the protests, though it focused on young men attacking banks and vehicles or burning the Iranian flag, reported AFP news agency.

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Iranian-born political analyst Meir Javendanfar sees an opportunity for Rouhani, the reform-minded president, to harness the current wave of anger and use it as a cudgel against his hardline critics. Chants were heard all over the nation, such as "Death to Hezbollah", "Leave Syria alone, think about us instead."The third element was that these demonstrations had an economic aspect as well.The Iranian people were chanting about how they were living like beggars.Another element that made these recent protests so ground-breaking was the exceptional role played by women".

The president came close to making such a promise in a tweet on New Year's Day that began with "Iran is failing at every level despite the awful deal made with them by the Obama Administration" and ended with the exclamation "TIME FOR CHANGE!" The deadliest night yet was on Sunday, with state television reporting six people killed by gunfire in the western town of Tuyserkan, and a local lawmaker saying two people had been shot dead in the southwestern town of Izeh.

United States President Donald Trump said it was "time for change" in Iran and that the country's people were "hungry" for freedom, after days of deadly protests against the government in Teheran.

Tensions between the United States and Israel on one side and Iran on the other have reached new heights since Mr. Trump took office in January 2017. The US and United Kingdom cooperated in 1953 to orchestrate the overthrow of democratically elected Prime Minister Mohammad Mossadegh, an operation that reinstated the shah into power.

Trump supports the Iranian people's struggle

Riot police were out in force in several cities on the sixth day of protests, which spread to the northwestern city of Tabriz, according to social media posts, as security forces scrambled to contain the boldest challenge to Iran's leadership since 2009. Discontent was brewing beneath the surface for a while.

Khamenei spoke publicly for the first time about the crisis on Tuesday, accusing Iran's enemies of stirring unrest but saying no more.

"Clearly there is a very, very strong frustration among the population over the worsening economic situation", said Trita Parsi of National Iranian American Council. More than 450 protesters were arrested.

Peek's comments come as the president and high-level officials in the Trump administration voice support for protesters in Iran. Experts estimate a smaller, but potentially more widespread turnout than in 2009.

Fars also said protests on Friday struck Qom, a city that is the world's foremost centre for Shiite Islamic scholarship and home to a major Shiite shrine.

Mass demonstrations - referred to as the Green Movement - were held by millions of opposition supporters against the disputed election victory of incumbent president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Rouhani, elected in 2013, is more exposed. The people are finally getting wise as to how their money and wealth is being stolen and squandered on terrorism, " Trump tweeted Sunday.

President Rouhani has been widely criticised.

As the USA continues to voice support for those protesting, Dr. Tazmini cautions that "democracy promotion measures created to achieve regime change will only encourage hardliners within the regime".

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