Acer Unveils 65-Inch Predator 4K HDR Gaming Display

Acer Unveils 65-Inch Predator 4K HDR Gaming Display

Acer Unveils 65-Inch Predator 4K HDR Gaming Display

This addresses one of the biggest compromises gamers have had to make in going up in screen size.

"Nvidia announced Big Format Gaming Displays, a series of screens with a diagonal of 65" with features that make it ideal for gaming, among others Acer, Asus and HP would release models and they include panels up-to Ultra HD, HDR and G-Sync.

At a desk, it's unlikely you'd be able to view the entirety of this monitor without a lot of head movement. These pack in nearly everything you could want: 4K, HDR, and 120 Hz support with 1,000-nit peak luminance and DCI-P3 color gamut.

PC gaming monitors offer a range of features that you just can't find in a TV set, which is problematic if you want those options and a larger-sized display. Very smooth and tear-free gaming is also promised thanks to the inclusion of Nvidia G-Sync.

Acer has yet to announce the launch date or a price for the monitor.

With SHIELD, Nvidia has made streaming easy and fast, they keep on making it better with every update. And because this is still virtually an Android TV, the unit also supports voice commands through the Google Assistant.

No pricing details of the upcoming display have been revealed by the company.

If all that wasn't tempting enough, the displays are effectively Nvidia Shield devices as well, embedding the Shield components behind the screen so you get all of that Android TV goodness too - apps from Spotify to Netflix, plus a host of Android games as well. The new BFGDs bring a home cinema type quality to a home gaming setup. Especially if they're G-Sync compatible. We are not sure regarding the form factor yet but it is safe to say there will be more versions coming out. If you game on an Xbox One X and PS4 Pro, it's certainly a tempting offer, especially as it boasts support for HDR.

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