'Red Sparrow' Trailer: Jennifer Lawrence Becomes a Master of Deception

'Red Sparrow' Trailer: Jennifer Lawrence Becomes a Master of Deception

'Red Sparrow' Trailer: Jennifer Lawrence Becomes a Master of Deception

Francis Lawrence, who previously directed Jennifer Lawrence in the final three Hunger Games movies, directs Red Sparrow from a screenplay by Justin Haythe (Revolutionary Road) based on the book by Jason Matthews. After curiously withholding the Hollywood star's immediately recognizable voice for the entirety of the first trailer, Lawrence finally gets to speak her mind in the new official Red Sparrow trailer - and out comes a serviceable Russian accent.

The movie looks far more brutal than I previously expected, and I like the look Francis Lawrence is going for.

Whether Red Sparrow can differentiate itself from its obvious fictional predecessors remains to be seen, especially since the project seems extremely indebted to Marvel's preexisting character (who was even trained in a "red room"!). Teased to be playing both sides, Dominika soon becomes a threat to the sparrows, with Edgerton's character believing there's more to her than anyone truly knows.

Dominika Egorova (Lawrence) is a Sparrow, a weapon "in the global struggle for power".

Willing to do anything to protect her mother, Dominika goes along with it. In another, she turns on the very men who shattered her life when she becomes more powerful than they realize.

The film hits theaters on March 2, so thankfully, we don't have to wait too long to see the movie for ourselves. "A master of seductive and manipulative combat". In between them, you have Charlotte Rampling as her mentor, Jeremy Irons as a KGB director, Matthias Schoenarts looking REALLY like Vladimir Putin, and lots of weird sex stuff in there as well.

In the story, Egorova suffers a career-ending injury, Dominika and her mother are facing a bleak and uncertain future. Brutal training subsequently shapes Dominika into the most unsafe operative the service has ever produced. As she comes to terms with her new abilities, Dominika meets a Central Intelligence Agency agent who tries to convince her that he is the only person she can trust.

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