Google acquires United Kingdom technology start-up Redux

Google acquires United Kingdom technology start-up Redux

Google acquires United Kingdom technology start-up Redux

Redux has technology that can turn your phone's display into a speaker and also offer a better haptic feedback experience.

Google did not immediately respond to a Fortune request for comment and clarification about the apparent acquisition. In March of previous year, it raised $5 million in funding, with Crunchbase noting that the deal took place in August, with an Irish-based subsidiary of Google conducting the deal.

It's not yet known when Alphabet - through an Ireland-based subsidiary of Google - bought the startup, but United Kingdom regulatory filings show that the transfer of shares was completed in mid-December.

The technology could give future Pixel smartphones an advantage over their iPhone rivals - not to mention other Android devices - as they attempt to deliver more display in a physically smaller package. Being able to do away with, or at least shrink, that physical component could be another significant advantage to smartphones with Redux technology onboard.

Chief executive Nedko Ivanov, who left in August according to his LinkedIn profile, said in 2016 that the company hoped to break even by 2018.

At the time, it said the sound quality was 'decent'. These actuators will vibrate the screen allowing it to emit sound like a regular speaker.

Some of Redux's tech has already appeared in PCs and vehicle infotainment systems.

It remains to be seen what Google's plans are for this technology. While the external space a speaker demands is one thing, it also occupies room inside the phone.

On Wednesday night, a report revealed on Bloomberg quietly that Google acquisition of "Redux" could have major implications down the road.

At the CES consumer electronics conference in Las Vegas this week, Google is heavily promoting its voice-controlled speakers that compete with Amazon's Echo device.

Google (GOOG, GOOGL) acquired a United Kingdom speaker tech startup late past year for undisclosed terms.

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