Kim Jong-un loves tell-all Donald Trump book

An employee of Book Culture book store unloads copies of "Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House" by author Michael Wolff inside the store in NY, U.S. January 5, 2018.

Portraying Donald Trump's orange hair as a giant flame, the magazine cover depicts what has often been a tumultuous and controversial year for the president.

"I think Steve wrestled with that in very, very tough ways", Wolff said.

"We would speak. I'm sure he didn't think they were interviews", Wolff said of his conversation with Trump. Wolff told the Today show last week that he spent about three hours with Trump during the campaign and in the White House.

Although Bannon was sacked from his White House position by Trump in August, he had been a close Trump associate since he joined the Trump campaign and helped the political novice defeat Democrat Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election.

After U.S. president Donald Trump's personal attorney sent a cease-and-desist letter to Wolff's publisher, Henry Holt, the company moved the book's on-sale date to January 5, from its original date of January 9. For now, I'll go with the final paragraph of the article. He and other White House aides have blasted the book as inaccurate trash. Under the First Amendment people are free to denigrate and offend the President or anyone else, a freedom with which the President should be well-acquainted given his own penchant for insulting political opponents. But one of Trump's other attorneys, Michael Cohen, filed a separate suit against BuzzFeed on Tuesday over the site's publication of the Russian Federation dossier past year.

McNamara then continued to state that Wolff was given "extraordinary access to the Trump administration and campaign from May 2016 to this past October".

It is not the first time Trump has brought up libel laws.

"Part of what I was trying to do was establish this brand, that I can do anything to this image and you can see it anywhere and it just reminds you, 'Oh wow, that guy's making that again, I should pay attention, '" Rodriguez told the magazine. Quotes from the tweets such as "my two greatest assets have been mental stability and being, like, really smart", have since become fodder for late-night comedy hosts. "Or you can the president does, it is fiction".

"I nearly want to say I can't tell you what the truth is. This is about what I saw what I the best of my ability to get what I believe to be the true story".

In his statement Sunday, Bannon praised Trump "both a patriot and a good man".

I can't wait to read "Fire and Fury", no matter what the critics say, and decide for myself whether Wolff's assessment is accurate.

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