Overwatch League results: Fuel and Dynasty put on a show

Overwatch League results: Fuel and Dynasty put on a show

Overwatch League results: Fuel and Dynasty put on a show

The Overwatch League has arrived and with it comes an abundance of new skins and changes to Blizzard's popular shooter. London Spitfire's strip is the nicest, naturally, maybe followed by Florida Mayhem's - tonight's match should be easy on the eye, then!

Scott "Custa" Kennedy is the lone Australian face in the league, now listed on Dallas Fuel's roster. 312 skins have been introduced to the game, the largest batch in its history, allowing players to wear the "jersey" of their favorite team.

The Overwatch League is the closest that gaming has come to the presentation of a traditional sports event, and emulating the style of a cable sports show has paid off.

Viewers can tune in to catch all the action on Twitch, MLG.com and the MLG app (on iOS and Android), OverwatchLeague.com, and the Overwatch League companion app, which launched Monday for iOS and Android. The players receive salaries of a minimum of $50,000 each (plus housing and benefits) while vying for a chunk of the league's million-dollar prize pool, handed out at year's end.

The skins will be available for all 26 of the playable heroes in Overwatch, meaning that there are over 300 skins to choose from. Since a draw doesn't reward either team with a point, Seoul Dynasty walked away the victors with a 2-1 record. In the first season, the league features 12 city-based teams split into two divisions. A postseason and an all-star weekend are also scheduled. It'll pick back up on January 17 running through Saturday yet again.

Both Los Angeles teams ran riot in their respective matches, and watching fans may have been getting a bit anxious that we would go the entire first day without seeing an actual competitive match.

Shanghai Dragons lost out to LA Gladiators, to the same scoreline, and you can hear the thoughts of the Chinese team below.

To buy the new skins, a new currency has been added to the game called League Tokens which can be bought via microtransactions.

According to Eurogamer, more than 350,000 viewers tuned in to watch the League matches on Wednesday night on Twitch, the streaming platform which has just signed a deal with Blizzard to broadcast the matches. At present, access to the Overwatch League will be entirely free and occur through the Overwatch League official homepage. You can grab it on iOS here and on Android here.

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