Samsung's upcoming smartphones to feature unlocked FM chips

Samsung's upcoming smartphones to feature unlocked FM chips

Samsung's upcoming smartphones to feature unlocked FM chips

Samsung has partnered with NextRadio, which means that future Samsung-branded smartphones in the U.S. and Canada will have a working FM radio chip. In any case, if you'll get any of Samsung's future smartphones that will have their FM Radio chips unlocked, then you will be able to connect directly with the NextRadio app and listen to your favorite local stations. Samsung will continue its support for NextRadio by enabling the FM chip in latest smartphone models in the US and Canada. With this move, Samsung joins LG, Motorola and Alcatel in taking the step to both meet consumer demand and to provide a lifeline in emergency situations.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus will come with an active FM chip in the United States and Canada, Samsung has teamed up with NextRadio. This uses less data and battery power than connecting to radio apps, though of course, there's less control over what you listen to.

Once enabled, FM radio will be available to Samsung users in the United States and Canada. If cellular coverage is unavailable or congested, the FM chip can provide important information from a local radio station. The company will start mass production of the world's first 512GB embedded Universal Flash Storage (eUFS), implying that the next-gen smartphones will be able to offer double the storage, of what it could a year ago.

In general, most smartphones offer FM chips for sale, but they are mostly not enabled in the devices themselves due to many reasons.

The FCC previously asked Apple to unlock the radio chip in their smartphones, although Apple revealed that iPhones from the iPhone 7 onward do not actually have the hardware installed.

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