Businesses jump on Amazon's Alexa after Australian launch date revealed

Businesses jump on Amazon's Alexa after Australian launch date revealed

Businesses jump on Amazon's Alexa after Australian launch date revealed

Amazon announced it would launch three of its Echo smart speakers in Australia early next month, with sales of the devices starting today at introductory prices between $49 and $199.

Amazon can't let Google have all the fun, and so Google's smart speakers with Google Assistant won't be the only smart speakers found locally.

Australian businesses have jumped on Amazon's Alexa, unveiling "skills" built for the voice-driven virtual assistant.

With these speakers you can play music, get weather updates, set alarms, keep tabs on your appointments, control your lights and do plenty more. With a 2.5-inch woofer, a dedicated tweeter, 360-degree audio and Dolby sound, it's a capable standalone smart speaker for any home.

Customers can preorder an Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, or Echo Plus online from today and the devices are expected to ship early next month.

The Echo Plus does everything the Echo can but comes packing a smart home hub that makes connecting to your smart home devices easy. They will also be available at JB Hi-Fi, Officeworks, Myer and Telstra.

The Music Unlimited service will be going for AUD 4.99 per month for a single echo device, AUD 11.99 per month for a regular individual account, and AUD 17.99 per month.

Following the much anticipated, closely analyzed launch of Amazon in Australia, the company is finally gearing up to introduce Amazon Music to the country.

"Alexa, turn it up", "Alexa, skip this song" and "Alexa, which song is this?" will be your best friend - as will Amazon Music Unlimited, which, thankfully, features a whole lot of functions I came to know and love with Pandora.

While the rollout might be good for Australians and New Zealanders who want Echoes for themselves, it'll be harder for Amazon to wean them off other music streaming services, like Spotify, which has been available in Australia since 2012.

Amazon's local launch for its Alexa system will include three products, essentially ranging from small to medium to full-sized, sporting the tiny and flat Echo Dot, the regular cylinder that is the Echo, and the taller Echo Plus, and while the sound technology differs between them, all three work as a hands-free voice controlled smart speaker that can also work through Bluetooth.

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