Pennsylvania Supreme Court out congressional map

Pennsylvania Supreme Court out congressional map

Pennsylvania Supreme Court out congressional map

The state's congressional delegation is controlled by Republicans, 13-5, even though registered Democratic voters outnumber registered Republicans.

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court on Monday struck down the limits of the state's 18 congressional locale, saying they disregard the state constitution and conceding a noteworthy triumph to a gathering of Democratic voters who contended the regions were illegally gerrymandered to profit Republicans. The two dissenters are Republicans. The decision is a major victory for Democrats, who argued the map had been gerrymandered to benefit Republicans.

Republicans who controlled the Legislature and senator's office following the 2010 registration broke many years of topographical point of reference while redrawing the guide, delivering bended shapes, including one named "Ridiculous kicking Donald Duck".

"I strongly believe that gerrymandering is wrong and consistently have stated that the current maps are unfair to Pennsylvanians", Wolf said in a statement.

The state Senate president, Joe Scarnati, and majority leader, Jake Corman, both Republicans, called the court's deadline "impossible" and said they would request a stay from the U.S. Supreme Court.

The legal challenge to the Pennsylvania map, filed by the League of Women Voters of Pennsylvania, relied on the state constitution, not the US constitution, and lawyers for the plaintiffs said the US Supreme Court has no jurisdiction over the case.

Monday's ruling in Pennsylvania is also unique because the ruling was based on state - not federal - laws.

The ruling could encourage groups to bring similar challenges against congressional gerrymandering cases in other states and bypass a ruling from the U.S. Supreme Court, which is now considering two cases dealing with partisan gerrymandering. It's possible Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf could veto the new map, which would put the job of refiguring it in the court's hands. Supreme Court's granting one in a similar case out of North Carolina.

They also say the state court has set up an impossible deadline of February 9 to redraw the map and that will introduce chaos in the upcoming congressional election. The court said in its order that that race will proceed under the old congressional map.

The order says that should the legislature, or Wofl, be unable to forward them a new plan, they will adopt their own.

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