Snapchat now allows stories to be read by people without the app

Snapchat now allows stories to be read by people without the app

Snapchat now allows stories to be read by people without the app

At least that appears to be Snapchat's hope, in the same way that Twitter has hoped that people would see tweets embedded on publishers' sites and opt to sign up for Twitter to see more of them. It the past, Snap CEO Evan Spiegel has made a point to distance the company from them. Snapchat users will be able to press and hold on the tiles in Discover feature to share Official Stories, Our Stories and Search Stories via a shareable link, the company said. Following rumors that popped up in late December, Snapchat is now letting you share Stories outside of the app so you can view them on a mobile or desktop browser.

As such the new feature will allow users to share public stories with friends and family outside of the app.

If you had a sudden inkling to share the events of last night on the town with your parents, for example (although we've no idea why you would), the new feature doesn't work like that. This merger would permit users to share their stories on the applications like Twitter and Facebook.

Once clicked, the link takes visitors to an embedded player on Snapchat's web portal, where the clip can be viewed.

This is the first time that people who don't have Snapchat accounts can see Stories created on the platform (besides when looking at their friends' phones).

The latest change comes after a series of improvements by the Venice, Los Angeles-based firm created to make it more user-friendly and stay one step ahead of Facebook and Instagram. Shared stories written by one user will disappear on Snapchat after being posted for 24 hours, while stories by multiple users will remain available for 30 days after being shared. "Search Stories are algorithmically generated so you can find Stories on just about anything on Snapchat".

The company's third quarter results revealed that its global daily active users was lower than what analysts had predicted (178 million). If finding your favourite Snapchat filter is the worst thing that happens to you today, it has been a good day.

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